"The search is over. Done. We’ve found it. What we heard is true. Chucho Divers has got to be the best dive operator in the world! My wife and I decided to give them a try after my stepbrother, Herb, advised us that we’d be crazy to dive with anyone else. I thought he was going a little overboard (no pun intended), but he was right.

"I’ve been diving since 1971, so nobody can tell me I haven’t been around enough to know. There are dive operators - and there are dive operators. No dive outfit in all my years of diving has come close to the service and professionalism of Chucho Divers. Besides being a great outfit, they’re just plain fun. In three days, my wife and I did six daytime and one night dive with Chucho’s. It was the finest dive trip of my life."

Steve Beach

"My first salt water dive was with Chucho Divers. My husband and I had planned on being buddies, but I started having trouble right away. My new, thicker wetsuit, plus the extra buoyancy of the saltwater, caused me to have difficulty descending. Chucho was right there. He pulled out an extra weight from somewhere and fastened it to my tank. Then he actually helped me descend by gently pulling me down. He constantly exchanged “Okay” signals with me, and kept an eye on my dive computer and air - as well as his own. He must have seen I was a little nervous, because he stayed right with me through the whole dive. And he was my buddy for all our dives afterward. My husband was relieved to have the new arrangement since it gave him the chance to relax and enjoy his dives more, and not to have to worry so much about me. He just followed along on the other side of me. Talk about security!"

Cheryl Jones

"Boo hoo, how did that week fly by so quickly?!?!?  Pat and I enjoyed every minute, soon as we got on that boat it only took about 2 minutes for all the work stress to drain.  We were so impressed with the whole operation- Chucho is an excellent divemaster, and just a really nice, nice person! We were telling the family that he's definitely the one for all future diving in Cozumel.  One hour on every tank, that was  AWESOME."

Maryann & Pat